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Just plain "Moogly"

>>You threw in
>>your two cents and I threw in mine.

>You did more than just throw in your two cents.
>You also characterized my two cents.
>And, incorrectly at that (given that you compared coaching of Jr. High kids,
with 10 year olds.)

Say WHA???  This whole fucking list is ALL ABOUT characterizing other people's
two cents Kevin!  And if anyone's the king at characterizing opinions here,
it's you!  LoL!!!  Didn't you just tell someone here recently, that if they
couldn't take the heat in the kitchen...?  Hooo-ly shit.

>Surely someone as bright as yourself can see the difference between stating
your opinion about a topic,
>and stating your opinion on someone else's opinion.

>Sometimes slams aren't intentional.  But, they're "slams" none the less.

And surely someone as bright as yourself would be able to see the difference
between a friendly jab and a slam.  Too bad you can't.  My fault I guess; I
shouldn't have been so insensitive.  I should've considered that since you
were in a pissing contenst with another person here, you couldn't have a
comment made about your public opinion.

And let's face it.  I always did rub you the wrong way man, but honestly, I
thought I could goof with you and you could see it.  Aw fuck it.  You know
what, just forget it.  Why don't I just sit over here at this table and leave
you be...

Jim in Colorado