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Re: Jonnnny can you hear me?

>Was Tommy really deaf in a physiological sense, or
was it psychological?

At first it was physiological.  He went to a
chiropractor and got fucked.  Ha!  Seriously, it was
psychological.  'You never saw it.  You never heard
it.'  Unless the mirror somehow repaired a
physiological problem.>>

I must say that I was immediately reminded of Tommy
when I was reading 'The Painted Bird' (one of the most
unforgettable books I've ever read), during the scene
where the young unnamed narrator is thrown into an
overflowing latrine outside of a church of all places
by the livid Polish peasants, because he dropped the
Missal he was supposed to be carrying during Corpus
Christi.  Several times as they're leading him out
there and then holding him in the latrine, he tries to
cry out but finds he can't.  Then when he finally
escapes and they've all gone back inside the church,
he tries once more to cry or scream, but his tongue
flops in his mouth.  Like Tommy, this little boy too
is so psychologically fucked up over what he's been
through that he loses his ability to speak.

Anna U. Mormack
"When the body is confined, what broad horizons are opened to the mind and the soul!"Aleksandr Isayevitch Solzhenitsyn 

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