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Just plain "Moogly"

	>From: "Jim Sigel" 
	>Subject: Just plain "Moogly" 
>Say WHA???  This whole fucking list is ALL ABOUT characterizing other people's
>two cents Kevin!

Did I say it wasn't?
I was countering your assertion that I didn't want you contributing your opinion to Jo's question about coaching!
What, are we in the Twilight Zone now?

>And if anyone's the king at characterizing opinions here,
>it's you!  LoL!!!

Well, one of us thinks that funny.  I obviously don't agree.
I may say that's "bullshit", or not true, or make a comment about a persons statement, but what I *don't* do is jump into others arguments unless drawn into them.
That's the only thing that peeved me about your post.
Here Alan is stating that I'm "panting" (like a dog in heat.....tell me that's not an insult), and you included yourself in it.

>Didn't you just tell someone here recently, that if they
>couldn't take the heat in the kitchen...?  Hooo-ly shit.

Yeah, hooooly shite.  I can take heat.  Can you?
But, this wasn't about specifics.  This was about you jumping onto another unrelated argument.

Had you simply written.."I think Kevin's opinion on this is bull shit, and here's why....." I wouldn't have had a problem.
You kicked me while I was down, though.  And, you weren't even right!

>I should've considered that since you
>were in a pissing contenst with another person here, you couldn't have a
>comment made about your public opinion.

No one likes to be pilled on.  Especially then when your pilling on was not even accurate.
I don't think that's an unreasonable statement, nor an unreasonable response that I had.

>And let's face it.  I always did rub you the wrong way man,

Not really.
The only time you raised my eyebrows... "rubbed me the wrong way" (there are books on the right way to rub it...) was when you launched that eyebrow raising verbal tirade at Mark some time ago.  Oh, and when you also said you'd probably beat him up (or something like that).
Can you blame a person for that?  I've never met you.  I can only judge by what you write.
Well, I can also (and have) listen to others like Scott, who tell me you're an ok joe.
And, you're probably right.  If we were in a bar or something, we probably *would* have a grand time (as long as you're not beating up a friend of mine ;-).  I haven't met a person who slides in the snow that I didn't like.

>but honestly, I
>thought I could goof with you and you could see it.

I can.  And, I did at parts of your post.
Chalk it up to bad timing on your part, and me being bent at Alan for slamming me out of no where.

>Aw fuck it.  You know
>what, just forget it.

Awe, now, don't get all boo-boo faced.
You'll lose your balance and fall on your face if that lower lip sticks out any further.

>Why don't I just sit over here at this table and leave
>you be...

Nah, stay put.  Give us a hug.
Besides, you said the next round was on you!

Kevin in VT

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