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Jonnnny can you hear me?


I've been away for a few days, but I've been enjoying the threads.
No, not the Jim, Kevin, Alan - Rock, Paper, Scissors thread, but
the Jo, Jon, Scott - Chiropractor, Hearing Loss, Human Physiology

I know why Jon lost his hearing at the Chiropractor.

Here it goes....

The Bone-cracker asks Jon to bend over (hey now) with his head
staring at his shins, and arms dangling.  He says, "Stay that way
for a few minutes."    Jon stays there.   ...and stays there.   All
his blood is rushing to his head.     Small deposits of oil and wax
inside of Jon's inner ear start to slid to an area where normally it
is clear.    These deposits become lodged there and don't clear
until Jon is in the same position when he returns to the Chiropractor
a month later.

That's my *oily deposits theory*. Gives me the chills man!

Was Tommy really deaf in a physiological sense, or was it psychological?

Joe in Philly