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Re: an outlet: Let's get back to Who business

In regards to the OUTLET thread: 
The first Superbowl, on January 16, 1966 (around the time John Lennon was recording "A Day in the Life") had the Grambling State band as the half-time entertainment. Now the shows resemble North Korean caligulean political rallies, which have grown steadily worse from a quality standpoint as the years have gone by. 
With that said, with all due respect to your right to vent your respective spleens about the exposure of Janet's size 22-A breast and the hypocritical mea culpas that followed, let's get the hell back to Who business on this board....We got a Who tour coming up and I'd like to know what that tour schedule's gonna be. I gotta a court schedule to coordinate with that tour, plus a trips to Vegas & Europe to weave into the mix. 
The Who saved the Concert from NYC from being a maudlin show. Why doesn't the NFL have Pete & Rogah do next year's Super Bowl half time entertainment instead of P-fucking-Diddy and Justin Timber-fake??? If the NFL wants rage and grit on the field, then let's get the bloody '0o do to the the half time. 
Crazy Joe