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an outlet

>From: Dereck Evans
>Subject: an outlet
>Yet when it comes to nudity and bad
>language, people are crucified for it.

Let me be clear....
I'm as liberal as they come.
And, I agree totally with what has been written on this thread.
The US' priorities and sensibilities are like much of our society....about
15-20 years behind the rest of the western world.
HELL, we're just starting to recycle in some parts of this country, when it
was being done in Europe back in the late 60's.
Care to look at our environmental record compared to other countries???

BUT, we have to start drawing some lines.
Nothing like watching a plain prime-time show to suddenly see your 16 month
old staring at Victoria's Secrets.
Does it have to be this way?

I was raised European, and have spent many hours on topless beaches, from a
very young age.
But, what Janet did was stupid.  It was strangely out of place.  Europeans
don't have topless sporting events.
There *is* a time and place.
I wasn't offended.  I was struck by the poor judgment and stupidity of the
act.  Why?  What's the point? (other than the nipple).
It's a reflection of the piss-poor direction that pop-art has taken.
Violent, and full of shock effect.  Void of good *music*.

The argument is always that parents need to take more of an active role in
censoring what their kids can hear and watch.
That, it seems is now impossible, when everything is a "go" no matter what
time of day it is, no matter what sort of program is on, no matter what
channel it is.

If parents aren't given a fighting chance, then the government will step in
and take over.
Anyone want that?

That said, I was PISSED that CBS didn't let us watch the streaker.
Fuzz/Blurr out his little p-p if ya must, but let us laugh at the spectacle.
Let us see the linebacker tackle the nude man.
That sort of censorship irritated me much more than Janet being an idiot.

Is anyone really surprised?
Not me.

Kevin in VT