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Re: an outlet

In a message dated 2/6/2004 4:28:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
delbut98@xxxxxxxxx writes:

> Anyway, as you rightly say, it seems that violence can
> be shown on mainstream tv, pictures of innocent people
> in the middle east with bits hanging off, shootings,
> killings are all, it seems, accepted as the norm. It
> is not the norm. 

well, actually they don't show that on mainstream TV here. that they save for 
PBS, which, for some reason, can get away with it. they air BBC news on there 
which is probably, in my opinion, more informative than any other news outlet 
here in the US. it might be extreme, but hey, it's reality. if the news wanna 
show the "real news", that's the real news I think. that's what's really 
going on over there. they can talk about the US soldiers all they want and my 
hearts indeed go out to the families and friends of those people, but they never 
seem to mention the iraqi civilians who are also being killed, which outnumber 
the soldiers.  that's my opinion. 
and on Johnny rotten on "i'm a celebrity". well, they probably expect him to 
curse cause that's his nature. ; )   seriously, I love the man (no 
not in that way..) but am shocked that he's willing to sell himself out to a 
lame reality show. but then again, he appeared on "Judge Judy" here in the US 
one time...and won!