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Re: an outlet

> well, actually they don't show that (violence) on mainstream TV here. 
> that they save for PBS, which, for some reason, can get away with it.

But you have to put it in perspective.  PBS only airs extreme violence
once every two or three months on average, usually on the show Frontline.
And there are always disclaimers at the beginning of the telecast.

OK, sure, that may be *real* violence, but compare that to the violence
that the networks & cable simulate on a daily basis via their programming.

I don't think PBS is "getting away" with anything.  Graphic violence is
rarely shown there, & only when it's relevant to a specific investigative

> they air BBC news on there which is probably, in my opinion, more 
> informative than any other news outlet here in the US. it might be 
> extreme, but hey, it's reality. 

BBC World news is *very* liberal & often anti-American in sentiment.  But
that can be ignored, because the BBC's pluses far outweigh their minuses.

I'm telling you, the best, most unbiased news show is The News Hour with
Jim Lehrer on PBS.  It's not a string of flashy sound-bites.  They give
you a brief news summary at the top of the hour & then explore, in depth,
three or four major, & sometimes not-so-major, news stories for the rest
of the hour.

Good reporting, panel discussions, a sprinkling of the arts, & nary a 
left- or right-wing lean to be found.  Pure, old-school news.  Nice, proper
sterile reporting.  Plus, it's fun to say "Lehrer." Jim Lehhhrrrreeeeerrr.

PBS rules.

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