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I fear at this point that my first funeral will be my father's, who is now
83+.  He was the one who 'couldn't stand on two feet as he lectured about
morality'.  When the time comes, it won't be the pain that I felt at the
loss of my grandfather.  It will be a bitter sweet reflection of what could
have been, and an end to a long chapter.

>I've stated a few years back that I'd be happy with the
>Baba Orchestral version from Lifehouse Chronicles,

Yeah, I'm torn.  This would be a fine presentation......

>Or you could just blast away LIVE AT LEEDS.  I wouldn't mind the 14 1/2
>minute version of "My Generation" from LAL played at my funeral.  Make
>everybody sit through that.  Make 'em sit quietly & just listen.

Or, as Scott wrote above!!!!   BAHAHAHAH!  Oh man, that would be great.

I think I would want both.  Show everyone the sophistication and supreme
song writing, and then hit 'em all with 14 1/2 minutes of MG.
It's so fitting.  The duality of man.  The duality that is.....The Who.
That is.....us.  That is me.

Joe, hang in there.
Hug the wife and kids.
Go for a walk with 'em.
Play in the snow.
Play them a song.
Remember to put them first.  Life is TOO DAMN SHORT to be living to work.
Work to live if you must, but don't let "success" or some socially designed
path rule your life.  KNOW what is most important, and spend your precious
days enjoying that.
That's why I moved here to VT.
That's why I've removed myself from the ladder.

If you can find a copy of the book "Why bad things happen to good people",
I'm sure your friends wife and kid would get comfort out of reading it.

Peace and love for you my brotha,
Kevin in VT