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Re: Pete arrested (heard at 3pm Boston time)

If he's been charged with these offenses, then his computers may hold the truth.

Then what do I say to 20 years of high school students? My kids?

1) I didn't know
2) His message(s) are still powerful
3) He is not perfect - never was
4) I won't get fooled again (sorry again)

I will still love the music, the message, the memories.

Jail time might get in the way of an album,....


At 04:26 PM 1/13/03 -0500, you wrote:
Am giving Pete the benefit of the doubt for now,but...
supposedly he's charged with possesion of kiddie porn,
making images of kiddie porn,and intention to distribute
kiddie porn.

I am hoping this is all a terrible mistake.....