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Re: Pete arrested (heard at 3pm Boston time)

Yeah, well, I got busted for growing pot once and was ultimately
charged with:

Cultivation Of Marijuana
Cultivation Of Marijuana With Intent To Distribute
Possession of Marijuana
Possession of Marijuana For Sale
Possession Of Marijuna With Intent To Distribute

and on

and one

and on.................

The Law, and how it is written, is a beautiful thing.

The application of The Law on the streets by Law Enforcement, and
in the Courts by Judges and Attorneys is where it gets ugly.

~AnEnglishBoy~ (who has a statement coming with 24 hrs)


From: Carl A Biancucci <carl@world.std.com>

Am giving Pete the benefit of the doubt for now,but...
supposedly he's charged with possesion of kiddie porn,
making images of kiddie porn,and intention to distribute
kiddie porn.

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