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Re: Pete's been arrested

It's hard, very hard? isn't that the problem? (sorry)

I must step back a bit here.

First, I do believe Pete is innocent of a crime, but truly guilty of stupidity. When you are famous - you are always on trial.

I don't trust the press - period - they go for the sensation, not the truth.

I wish him well, and I support him.

Now 'who's left'?


At 04:02 PM 1/13/03 -0500, you wrote:
        >From: "Schrade, Scott"
        >Subject: Re: Pete's been arrested.
>Holy fucking shit......

Holy fucking shit is right.
It's all over the US national news and radio too.
The shit has fucking hit the fucking fan now.

I just pulled 5 messages from my V-mail, all from "friends" telling me the
news.  A couple with snickers in their voices.

It's Hard.  It's very, very, hard.

Kevin in VT