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The Who in Playboy

	>From: "Patrick Osborn, MD" 
	>Subject: The Who in Playboy 
>Got the February issue today.

Strictly for anatomical research purposes, right?

>  It's a fiction piece by Jim Shepard titled
>"Won't Get Fooled Again."  Don't know who he is.

Can anyone go on line and copy the article and paste it here?
I'd do it, but our IS department has those sorts of naughty sites blocked.
Yes, I've tried in the past.  :-)

>It's probably too
>personal and fresh for many of us; this guy picking to write as the Ox
>instead of anyone else.

This reminds me of a photo I gave to my buddy Stu.
It's of Me and John, with John holding a sign that reads "Stu, wish you were here".
The photo was taken while he was up here playing in VT.
I gave it to Stu, framed, at the start of our leg of this past tour.
Pretty spooky to see it now.
It's like he's back from the dead and talking to ya.

>On a more prurient note, Alison Eastwood (Clint's daughter) is unreal.

Boob wise?

Kevin in VT