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Colin Dawson and Joe's awesome Christmas!

		>From: Joe Lewinski 
		>Subject: Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V10 #4 
	>In the last picture of the Detours.  Brian set it up as an animated GIF
	>image where their formerly-lead-singer Colin Dawson disappears and reappears.
	>The caption below or to the side says that Roger kicked him out of 
	>The Detours.   Clever work from our Brian.

	Ahhh, I had missed that!  Difference perhaps of being on a T-line vs. on a 56k while down South for the Wholidaze.

	>I received the "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" book 

	I really need to find the time to dig into that.

	>from my young 9-year-old

	Obviously a good lad.

	>the My Generation, Who's Next and Live At Leeds CDs 

	I take it they are the deluxe editions? 

	>from my lovely

	Obviously a great lady.

	>and I am on Who overload right now.

	Eh?  What's *that*?  ;-)   

	>she also bought me the RAH 2000 DVD thinking it was only a CD.

	Even greater of a lady despite problems with letters!  

	>Great to see John again, and see Pete do solo Heart To Hang Onto.

	Yeah, I've done some watching of RAH lately.
	I also have a vid. from his solo show at BB king.

	>the RAH DVD was what I needed to
	>get me through the Wholess holidays (I'm referring to a slim IGTC postings)

	Seems to be "slim" all over these days.
	What *will* the future bring?

Kevin in VT