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Re: The Who in Playboy

Of course it's only for academic purposes!  I am a physician after all;
gotta stay current.

And no, she's all real, just incredible.

I'll see if I can get it off, sorry from, the website.

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Subject: The Who in Playboy

> >From: "Patrick Osborn, MD"
> >Subject: The Who in Playboy
> >
> >Got the February issue today.
> Strictly for anatomical research purposes, right?
> >  It's a fiction piece by Jim Shepard titled
> >"Won't Get Fooled Again."  Don't know who he is.
> Can anyone go on line and copy the article and paste it here?
> I'd do it, but our IS department has those sorts of naughty sites blocked.
> Yes, I've tried in the past.  :-)
> >It's probably too
> >personal and fresh for many of us; this guy picking to write as the Ox
> >instead of anyone else.
> This reminds me of a photo I gave to my buddy Stu.
> It's of Me and John, with John holding a sign that reads "Stu, wish you
were here".
> The photo was taken while he was up here playing in VT.
> I gave it to Stu, framed, at the start of our leg of this past tour.
> Pretty spooky to see it now.
> It's like he's back from the dead and talking to ya.
> >On a more prurient note, Alison Eastwood (Clint's daughter) is unreal.
> Boob wise?
> Kevin in VT