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The Who in Playboy

Got the February issue today.  It's a fiction piece by Jim Shepard titled
"Won't Get Fooled Again."  Don't know who he is.

I haven't decided what I think yet.  Some parts made me laugh out loud.
Some parts were quite eerie.  Alot is said about Moon's self-destruction.
In this piece, at least, the Ox has a major crush on Kim; don't remember if
that's the truth or not.  The eerie part is how he puts himself in JAE's
place and talks about how they should've stopped after Keith died and then
again after Cincinnatti.  The piece apparently was bought by Playboy a month
before John died.

It's good.  Again, not totally sure how I feel about it.  It's probably too
personal and fresh for many of us; this guy picking to write as the Ox
instead of anyone else.

On a more prurient note, Alison Eastwood (Clint's daughter) is unreal.

Finally, there's been talk about the CDs from this year.  I have to put in
my vote for Denver.  Listen to the end of the solo that Pete and Zak do
together before going back into the synth in WGFA.  As they reach the end of
the "noodling" and into the crescendo, Pete lays down the nastiest chords I
have ever heard.  Shivers.

Happy New Year to all.