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Re: The Who Mailing List Digest V10 #4

>Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 12:40:21 -0500 
>From: "O'Neal, Kevin W." <Kevin.ONeal@vtmednet.org>
>Subject: Colin Dawson - Peek-a-boo

	>From: Joe Lewinski 
	>Subject: Colin Dawson - Peek-a-boo 

>Is for horses!!!

>Check out Brian's Who This Month Page and try to
>find Colin Dawson.
>Ok, I give.
>I searched.
>Got a couple of ideas.
>Let me ask you though.....why am I looking for Colin, and....um.....who is
>Nice work Brian - if you're reading!

>As usual!


In the last picture of the Detours.  Brian set it up as an animated GIF
image where their formerly-lead-singer Colin Dawson disappears and reappears.
The caption below or to the side says that Roger kicked him out of 
The Detours.   Clever work from our Brian.  Subtle and easy to miss,
but clever none-the-less!   Of course if you are using a text-only browser
you're in trouble and will not benefit from his cleverness.


I received the "Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere" book from my young 9-year-old
son, the My Generation, Who's Next and Live At Leeds CDs from my lovely
wife for Christmas, and I am on Who overload right now.   Oh and get this,
she also bought me the RAH 2000 DVD thinking it was only a CD.  Yeah baby!
Great to see John again, and see Pete do solo Heart To Hang Onto.

I plan on commenting on all of this seemingly new material I'm digesting
now.  The book is really well done, and the RAH DVD was what I needed to
get me through the Wholess holidays (I'm referring to a slim IGTC postings)

More later.

Joe in Philly
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