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Re: Replacing Daltry

> Scott:
> I must disagree...it's fairly obvious (by Zep II) that LZ were a Who wannabe
> band. On boots you can tell from the start. Hardcore or not, Zep was
> certainly borrowing heavily from The Who's groundwork.
> However, Daltrey's voice is much better than Plant's, and has been since
> about `74 or so. Careerwise, it may be that Daltrey is a Plant wannabe...if
> he could just learn to pick his songs with more thought.

I really don't know about this.  Basically it's an argument of who
came first (in style and direction) the chicken or the egg?  When I
saw Tanglewood for the first time, I swore I saw a Robert Plant
clone in terms of stance and how Roger sung his songs.  Then again
it's fairly obvious Plant lifted a thing a two from a band that he
never acknowledges as an influence.  Plant was always great to come
up with some obscure blues musician from the late 20's.  The truth
is his mannerisms come from what he calls "pop" music. 

As for voice, I've always been a fan of Daltrey's, because
Plant has this tendency to whine.  At least Daltrey's register is
slightly lower.