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Re: The Who Digest Vol 2 Num 320

At 3:45 12/5/95, The Who Mailing List wrote:
>Date: Mon, 4 Dec 1995 22:19:33 -1200
>From: keith@magicnet.net (JEFF SCHOTLAND)
>Subject: Kick Ass Drummers!
>I think Mitch Mitchell was great at the Monterey show, but take another
>look again at a chap by the name of Mike Shrieve who played drums for
>Santana on the song "Soul Sacrafice" at the Woodstock show.... this guys
>drum >solos were just unreal!

Yes!!  Go see the Woodstock movie, if you haven't already, for this
highlight (in addition to you-know-who).  I heard that he was about 16 at
the time; I'm sure someone out there knows whether this is true...


"When I'm onstage...it's not like bein' possessed, it's just --
*I* *do* *my* *job*."  -- Pete Townshend