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Re: Replacing Daltry

>I really don't know about this.  Basically it's an argument of who
>came first (in style and direction) the chicken or the egg?  When I
>saw Tanglewood for the first time, I swore I saw a Robert Plant
>clone in terms of stance and how Roger sung his songs.  Then again
>it's fairly obvious Plant lifted a thing a two from a band that he
>never acknowledges as an influence.  Plant was always great to come
>up with some obscure blues musician from the late 20's.  The truth
>is his mannerisms come from what he calls "pop" music. 

Well, if it's the chicken or the egg, The Who were certainly first. Page was
merely Talmy's pet session man in `65. Daltrey was a major player while
Plant was playing in clubs.
Are you sure that it's Plant that came up with those Blues songs? I would
have thought it was Page.

>As for voice, I've always been a fan of Daltrey's, because
>Plant has this tendency to whine.  At least Daltrey's register is
>slightly lower.

I would have to say that pre-`74, Plant had the most versatile voice in
Rock. I love Daltrey's, of course...it is pure Rock, but also limited to Rock.

                       Cheers                        ML