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In a message dated 95-12-02 18:28:25 EST, you write:

>I can agree with that. Jones' drumming threw off the sound of the band,
>especially as he hit those same annoying drums over and over. 

Boy, do I know what you mean. Those damn tom fills. But I think it was
especially true in '82 when there was an OVERALL sense of shell-shock and
walking-on-eggshells since Pete had come back from rehab.

>However, I'd
>still prefer "The Who" with Jones compared to any other band. 

But we know you listen to nothing but The Who, so what are you comparing it

>Personally, I thought the show in Essen, Germany, 1981 was very good...

Me too. Are there any good-sounding tapes of this? I have a dub from someone
who taped [cassette] it off European radio. What about a Hi-Fi video. I have
a lousy Lo-Fi video.