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In a message dated 95-12-02 15:24:40 EST, you write:

> I must admit to having never seen the Kampuchea version of "Baba O' Riley"
>(or anything else, other than "Behind Blue Eyes" on the video).

I didnt' see it either, but I have the album.

>staid, 50's-style, straight time-keeper, and as a result, ended up sounding

Kenney must have burned out by the time he joined The Who. He was SO GOOD
with The Faces, better than with The Small Faces. And, of course, some of his
best stuff is slightly hidden on Rod Stewart albums that used The Faces on
certain numbers. How 'bout `I'm Losing You' or `You're My Girl' ? There's a
great video of an English TV show called "Sounds For Saturday" with The
Faces, ca. '71. Or how 'bout `I Feel So Good' from "Long Player"? He had it