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Re: quality of playing decreases with age?

In a message dated 95-12-02 18:06:06 EST, you write:

>The main exception I have seen to this rule of rockers peaking early is 
>John Entwistle, whose bass playing steadily improved from the sixties 
>until the end of the Who's career, and has probably gotten better since.

This is true, but sad, since he'll never get the recognition he deserves. And
I'm not agreeing just because I'm such an Entwistle fanatic. I was struck by
the stuff I [barely] heard him playing on, say, the '89 videos. I say
`barely' because the mass audience don't wanna hear no bass GUITAR, just some
bottom and lots of singing so they can follow the music. The mix has lots of
cheesy horns, excessive percussion, etc..

I'd say that hearing loss (usually high frequencies) might make 'em
overcompensate with treble, but in the case of bass there's usually never
enough in the mix anyway, so that's good for us.
The prospect of being able to see Entwistle in clubs is such a fantastic
opportunity for any fan of rock to see the legend where you can really hear
him without the horrible acoustics of a big hall or stadium. I speak from
experience, since I saw the Entwistle tour in '88.