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In a message dated 95-12-03 00:52:52 EST, you write:

>Kenny not only couldn't come up with original stuff as good as Keith's,
>but he couldn't even replicate Keith's playing on the older material- 
It would be hard for most drummers to sound like Keith Moon.

>the Who just didn't sound like the Who with Kenny.
They kinda DID sound like `The Who with Kenney'. But around '79, all I wanted
was to have Keith back. I sometimes have dreams where I get sad watching
Keith being himself, being self-destructive.

>could have been even better had they just found a drummer with a style
>to Moon's.

I agree. Especially since there were probably lots of Keith imitators out
there among the wanna-be's that would have loved to join.

You can still listen to his pre-Who stuff and maybe you can figure out if
there's some kind of problem with him trying to play with The Who. I've
always just chalked it up to Kenney's being burned out by '79, but maybe
someone can discern some other problem.