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Re: The Who reissues...

Yeah, Ian, I understand your frustration at the radio stations for not 
tapping into more "obscure" Who stuff in their programming--obscure to 
the general public, that is. But, frankly, two things are problematic. 
One, the radio market is horribly conservative, having to suck up to 
advertisers now more than ever before with the ever growing cable TV 
industry (and Internet!). And two, often what the "public" wants scares 
me anyway, and as Pete said in his pay-per-view Psychoderelict show, 
"Fuck the critics!" He keeps expanding as an aging artist, and I applaud 
that. I share your frustration heartily, but I lean to the cynical when 
it comes to radio stations and the public. I think, sadly so, that much 
of the public WANTS to hear Pinball Wizard and Wont Get Fooled Again, and 
again, and again, and again.....
Thanks my two cents. Doug.