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The Who reissues...

The news about Leeds and the following re-releases are definately
encouraging.  I wonder if they will spark (if the new box set failed
to do so) a new interest in the band.  Bare with me, but it seems the
Who was not treated as well by MCA as other supergroups such as Zeppelin
or the Stones.  They really didn't do the same kind of promoting and
their albums weren't approached with the same kind of mystique as
other bands at their level.  Radio stations play Zeppelin all the
time but you never hear any rare Who songs.   What if the general
public heard 'Young Man Blues' on the radio, or 'Don't Even Know
Myself', 'Water', or 'Naked Eye'?  Ten years ago I was told that
playing songs off of Quad.  wouldn't fly.  What!??  If the Who were
known to adolescence as well as they knew Zeppelin, they'd be just
as "cool".

Anyway, with the rare tracks tacked on to masterpieces such as Who's
Next and new live songs for Leeds maybe they will finally show
people that the Who were much more than "Squeezebox" and "Won't Get
Fooled Again".  BTW, I wonder what extras will appear on "Who By
Numbers" (which is one of favs BTW, one of my all time fav Who songs
is 'How Many Friends').  It also seems that Odds and Sods will be
back which was not reported when this news was originally
heard.  By releasing a new singles CD it does appear that Meaty,
Beaty....will meet it's death.