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Latest News on Live at Leeds

    Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 22:34 CST
    From: B0RN2RUN@aol.com

    According to ICE:
    --There's going to be a limited edition CD that will come in a 12x12 album
    sleeve and will have all the original Live at Leeds packaging.

Good.  My original black "Maximum R&B" poster is a touch the worse for
wear, and is starting to give hints of ultimately crumbling to bits
(turning browner on the reverse, and getting brittle).

    --A double CD release incorporating more Tommy material was once under
    consideration, but was rejected in favor of a single disc.

This decision is from Pete, who appears to be suffering from another
bout of trying to distance The Who from Tommy.  He has the LaL tapes so
what he says, goes.  Regrettable, though, I agree with BORN2RUN that I'd
just rather have the whole show, as played, start to finish.  I think
excising Tommy from the middle does everyone, including the band, a
disservice.  The listeners (us) miss hearing and feeling the pace of the
show, which I think detracts from the potential enjoyment of the songs
following Tommy.  In other words, I'm sure I'll enjoy the hell out of
Magic Bus, but I know I'd enjoy it more having heard Tommy on the way to
get to it.

Re: the bonus tracks, I'm really looking forward to getting (another)
live version of Heaven and Hell and Quick One.  Its historical value
aside, I don't consider the 30 Years AQO from Monterey to be a
noteworthy example, soundwise.