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Leeds release...

     I'm sitting at work right now listening to Live At Leeds (thank god 
     for reasonably progessive office environments!) at very high volume...
     I am convinced that LAL is the best live album ever produced.  Nothing 
     makes your ears bleed quicker than 'Young Man Blues.'
     I, for one, will be standing in line for the reissue.  Since I am 
     lucky enough to have an original vinyl print (with all the stuff), I 
     think I'll opt for the special release.  Are these new tracks of the 
     same performance quality as the tracks on the original? 
     I think I remember someone mentioning that these added tracks are 
     available (along with the Tommy portion of the show) on a boot...
     As for Ian's question about why it seems that the Who never got their 
     fair shake in relation to Zep or the Stones, I have no other 
     explanation other than the fact that while Zep and the Stones were, at 
     the time, more widely accepted, they were only breaking new ground 
     occasionally (in the Stones case, hardly at all).  I remember 
     listening to all three bands when I was a teen (mid-70's) and loving 
     all of them, but cherishing the Who because they LIVED on the edge of 
     rock.  The Stones were (relatively) "safe."  Zep less so, what with 
     the devil-worship broohaha.  The Who were somehting else, entirely... 
     beyond all mainstream boundaries - it's surprising that they had as 
     many "hits" as they did (still only a handful).  The 
     This was particularly endearing to me during a very introspective and 
     turbulent time.  
     I listened to Zep and the Stones for entertainment...I listened to the 
     Who for therapy.
     PS "How Many Friends" and Who By Numbers has always ranked high on my 
     list, too!