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A boot or wishful thinking...

    While at a local record store the other day I was looking through 
the Who CD's to see if they had anything new, or imported and I ran 
across something ( I wish i could remember exaclty what was on it..) 
in a CD single case.  The CD book had the word "BLUR" on the top, 
some other word on the bottom, "Staring Phil <someone>" underneath 
"BLUR" and a picture of a mug of beer.  Is this a Who boot?  It was 
in the Who section, and I've heard many Who boots have "Pete Meaden 
Band" on them ( Mead == beer... sorta...).  There was a "made in 
England" sticker on it, and the disc's copyright said something about 
"Food, ltd".  I know these are sorta crappy clues... I should have 
written this down, but does anyone know anything about this?

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