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Keith Moon's Replacement

<<So why did the Who (Pete?) pick Kenney Jones?  Something to do with  the
Small Faces and how Pete like the band so much (?)>>

That was certainly a factor.  The Who and the Small Faces had toured together
in the late 60s, and Kenney certainly new the surviving members of the Who.
 I also remember reading an interview where Pete said he want to bring in a
younger drummer (someone like Simon Phillips, perhaps) who may not be able to
handle the big time.  In retrospect, I think Pete, John, and Roger would
probably all agree that bringing Kenny in was a mistake.  He just didn't fit
in the the Who's chaotic style.  I'm a bit surprised they didn't turn to a
drummer like Carl Palmer or Bill Bruford (or even Ginger Baker) who had a
more improvisational style.  I also seem to recall hearing that Phil Collins
wanted to be Keith's replacement.  Is there any truth to this rumor or am I
just hallucinating?