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Re: A boot or wishful thinking...

On Mon, 12 Dec 1994, Chris Frantz wrote:

>     While at a local record store the other day I was looking through 
> the Who CD's to see if they had anything new, or imported and I ran 
> across something ( I wish i could remember exaclty what was on it..) 
> in a CD single case.  The CD book had the word "BLUR" on the top, 
> some other word on the bottom, "Staring Phil <someone>" underneath 
> "BLUR" and a picture of a mug of beer.  Is this a Who boot?  It was 
> in the Who section, and I've heard many Who boots have "Pete Meaden 
> Band" on them ( Mead == beer... sorta...).  There was a "made in 
> England" sticker on it, and the disc's copyright said something about 
> "Food, ltd".  I know these are sorta crappy clues... I should have 
> written this down, but does anyone know anything about this?
> --Chris

Blur is a pseudo-mod British band.  The Phil is probably Phil Daniels, 
star of the Quadrophenia movie.  Pete Meaden was an old Who associate.  
Food is Blur's record label.

Did anyone see Melody Maker a few weeks ago?  It seems the British music 
press may be trying to resurrect Mod again!