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Phil Collins as drummer?

In TheWho digest #242, BORN2RUN@aol.com wrote:

>  I also seem to recall hearing that Phil Collins wanted to be Keith's
>  replacement.

This is an interesting (after) thought.  If Phil Collins had become Keith's
replacement, perhaps that would have occupied much more of his attention
and time and we wouldn't have all the solo work from Phil.  But, then
again, Phil is so incredibly talented (though I am sick of hearing him on
the radio) that his music would have found a way to be expressed with or
without a band....  I shudder to think Phil would leave the kit to come out
front and sing lead on "Eminence Front."  I smile when I think of what fun
Pete and John would have with a Who-influenced version of "Illegal Alien"
or "I Don't Care Anymore."
I also wonder what direction Genesis may have gone sans Phil.  The mind reels.

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