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"Save It for Later"

Re: the meaning of "Save It for Later" -- perhaps we should ask Mr. Dave        
    Wakeling!  Anyone know if there is a Beat/General Public list on the Net?

Also, to the listmember (sorry, forgot WHO it was) who favors "Who By Numbers" -
- I second that motion!  In particular, I love "They Are All in Love" and "Blue, 
Red and Grey".  I like to listen to "Empty Glass" and "WBN" in the same sitting 
-- can't really put my finger on why, beyond some of the apparent tonal 
similarities and upbeat-sounding songs with dark lyrical themes.  Both albums 
are very moving to me, even compared with other Who/PDBT albums (except maybe 
Quadrophenia and ATBCBHCE).  Of course, I'm sure that Pete's expression (i.e. in 
EG) of his personal/health crises at the time would invoke such a reaction in 
any devoted fan!

I'd love to discuss "By Numbers" more -- I just have a hard time starting a 
conversation (not in person, mind you -- just on line!  :^) ).