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Re: WHO selection of KJones

As far as KJ goes, I think the studio releases don't showcase his
drumming talents at all.  I have a couple bootlegs where KJ is doing
the set and there are definite numbers where he rocks!  He doesn't
rock like KM did, and I'm glad he didn't even try to imitate KM's
style.  However I think KJ is a good drummer, but that the studio
material has never shown him off to his full potential.  Also, being a
rather mild-mannered guy (so it seems to me), perhaps he just didn't
pipe up enough to get more drum solos or whatever when the albums were
being put together.

However, on Face Dances, take another listen to the two JE songs...KJ
seems much more lively on those tracks for some reason.  At the time
FD came out I seem to recall an interview with JE where he says that
one of the songs was purposefully written around a drum/bass riff that
he and KJ had been building together in the studio.

					-- Rich
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