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WHO selection of KJones Sun Dec 7 12:19:24 PST 1997

In response to the question on why the WHO selected KJ:

When Keith Moon croaked PT, RD, and JE got together to vote
on a new lineup.  PT thought it best for the band to make
a radical departure from the norm and increase the number
of band members to include a keyboardist, an extra guitar,
and two drummers.  He was, however outvoted on this as the
WHO were always a one member one vote band.  After making
their minds up there, KJ was selected, but I do not know 
how long it took or what list he may have been on.  Only
that he was chosen because he was from the same era as the
rest of the band and was definitely available.  
I think it to bad that Pete's suggestion was not taken. It
may have been the catalyst he needed to kick off on a new 
creative era with the WHO.  
In KJ's defense,  I think the WHO were going for a new sound
on FACE DANCES. The punk/new wave scene influenced the band and
the resulting album sounds much more ENGLISH than any other.
A week ago,  I read about someone interested in PT's comment
on his DEEP END video, asking the crowd what the ENGLISH BEAT song,
SAVE IT FOR LATER was about and offering a reward to any one
who could guess.  I have tried to read into this myself and 
have gone as far as thinking that it may have been about 
Pete himself...but anyway...
Just to throw a topic into the air...I would love to see some
coversation on one of my favorite albums of all time WHO BY 
NUMBERS.  I have never seen an article on any extensive 
conversation with anyone from the band on this album. I would
love to read more about it if anyone knows where I could.