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Re: Save it For Later, Who By Numbers

I'm glad to know of other WHO fans who dig Who By Numbers as much as I 
do. In PT's Rolling Stone interview from circa 1979-80, I recall reading 
that he absolutely loathed the album's content, minus "Imagine A Man" 
(one of my all-time favorites). He was amazed at the reception in America to 
"Squeeze box." Roger, however, loved the work, and I can understand why. 
He was at his peak then, I think, and the songs allowed him to display 
his wide vocal range (i.e., "They're all in Love," "Dreaming From The 

As to the meaning of Save it For Later, I throw out two interpretations: 
Perhaps it's about a person wrestling with "coming out of the closet" 
with their homosexual lifestyle, a person who ultimately chooses to save 
the news for later. OR, maybe it's a song about heroin addiction, 
about wrestling with the urge to shoot up ("Two doxen other dirty 
lovers must be a sucker for it....Just hold my hand while I come to 
a decision on this." That's my attempt at a read.

By the way, wasn't Daltrey's version of "Imagine A Man" at his "Daltrey 
Sings Townshend" show at Carnegie Hall moving? Good stuff. Later.

- Doug