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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

> I think tickets our age (late 30's) have the most
> vivid memory of The Who's popularity around the '82


Ah HA! So we agree again! Finally!

> era when they left The Kinks in the dust.

"L-O-L-A Lola..." (a bigger hit than Summertime Blues)

> albums.  Quad kept things going, and the whole

Here, you see, I can help you out. Quad was a definite
downward turn for the band's profile. And WBN, two
years later, didn't help either. They never, I say
again, NEVER recovered to that level of popularity.

> What?  I thought you wanted to move to the Smokies?
> Oh, that's right, those aren't *real* mountains.

Oh, they're real mountains...they're just not real

> Exactly my point!

No, if it was your point they wouldn't play more Kinks
than Who on the radio.

> Pop-u-larity.  Number of people.  World exposure.
> Seems pretty damn easy to me!

Me too! CHART RATINGS, LP SALES, size of venues.

> What, did The Who *lose* fans right after '71?
> Did Quad cause them to lose fans?


> Did the death of Keith cause fans to pack it in? 

Actually, it did. I know of plenty of people who feel
that was the end, and never bought any Who CDs after

> Well, maybe only Mark will raise question.

I don't have to. The sales tell all.

> I'm wondering what color he sees when looking at the
> *blue* sky.

Depends on what I'm smoking at the time.

> What, Mark and Jim are inseparable?
> Homo's!

Yeah, don't let two guys agree because that's gay. No 
WONDER so many people think Pete is gay! Sheesh!

> Ummm, sounds like TigerPurr was there for their
> "true popularity peak", yet she's going with the
> time around '82.

Everybody gets to have their own opinion.

> I'd like to see some stats on album sales and
> concert attendance.
> Anyone?

It's there to be found.

> Punk with long 60's hair??

See, I know you're young and don't know but Punk
didn't used to be a fashion. It was a state of mind.

> Still waiting for just *one* person here (other than
> you) to state that The Who gets less airplay than
> the Kinks.
> Anyone?

How about Lew? Doesn't he count?

> It happens with age.

You should know. You're the one who can't accept the
new Jane's Addiction for the great music it is. I can,
but I'm "stuck in the past." Uh...yeah.

> I think you're right, but I'm about the same age as
> those guys.  What's
> their excuse?!?!?!


In love with their theories.

"We ended the rule of one of history's worst tyrants,
and in so doing, we not only freed the American
people, we made our own people more secure."
       George "and us too" Bush

Cheers         ML

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