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Re: The Who's Popularity Peak

	>From: Marcus Surrealius 
	>Subject: Re: The Who's Popularity Peak 
>I think it's obvious what's going on here. Those who
>were not present for their true popularity peak think
>that when they discovered the band was the peak.

Ummm, sounds like TigerPurr was there for their "true popularity peak", yet she's going with the time around '82.

>So on sheer
>album sales alone we can debunk this idea of 1979-82
>being the band's popular peak.

I'd like to see some stats on album sales and concert attendance.

Another thing struck me last evening that has me further supporting the '82 era as a peak in popularity...
Pete's solo career was off the ground.
This added to public awareness of The Who, and of Pete.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but Pete never really enjoyed much solo success until Empty Glass, right?

>well I am. Was. Whatever.

Punk with long 60's hair??

>Anyway, Who fans can be
>Punks but Punks weren't Who fans.

Punkwash, Yogi Berra.
It ain't over till it's....over?

>> And, I ain't hearing them <kinks>.
>(hands over ears when a Kinks song starts, shouting

Whole lot of people out there with their hands over their ears.
Still waiting for just *one* person here (other than you) to state that The Who gets less airplay than the Kinks.





Listen to the souuuuuuund....of silence.

>> Plus, he's still fighting with Mark about The Kinks!
>And losing it.

The Kinks lost it long, long ago.  Mark's just stuck in the past.
It happens with age.

Kevin in VT

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