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Re: Who banned from U.S. 1966-69?

> Not to mention that you started the whole thing with your Stones envy!

Ah, yes, the good 'ole days.  When we were discussing Mick Jagger's
athletic stage outfits & the merits of Mick Taylor's stint with the band.

Well, to keep the Stones thread alive, my friend Curtis showed me a 
copy of Bill Wyman's book celebrating the great Blues artists that have
influenced him & many other musicians.

It's quite an exemplary book, oversized with tons of pictures going back
to the slave days in the U.S.  Plus, pictures of a lot of British Invasion
bands like that one group we used to talk about, The Who.  Remember

(I'm just teasing.  I really don't mind the Kinks/Stones info, although  
AEB's eccentric spacing in his posts sometimes aggravates me because
I find it snobbish.  Like he doesn't want *his* words too close to every-
body else's words.  The nerve of that English Boy.)

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism