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Re: Who banned from U.S. 1966-69?

From: "Scott Schrade" <schrade@xxxxxxxxxxx>

(I'm just teasing.  I really don't mind the Kinks/Stones info, although
AEB's eccentric spacing in his posts sometimes aggravates me because
I find it snobbish.  Like he doesn't want *his* words too close to every-
body else's words.  The nerve of that English Boy.)

Like I said, you cheerleaders and pep squad captains hangin' out in the quad lookin' dooooon yer bloody noses at we common folk is reason e'nuff for my 'tude.

Raise you dainty dresses.......

BTW....schraderooo, thanks for that tidbit of a gift a couple-a years ago, great stuff!


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