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Re: Who banned from U.S. 1966-69?

> > (he hypocritically asks, after complaining about all the Kinks threads)?
> Not to mention that you started the whole thing with your Stones envy!

And here I stopped replying to help stop the thread and you have started it
up. :) Fortunately, no one can dispute this answer, that I found from a 10
year old quote of a buddy of mine who is THE Kinks expert:

"Here's my two cents on the reasons for the 1965 ban on the Kinks touring in
the US. I believe there were two main incidents, one that the Kinks refused
to perform for a promoter who could/would not pay them upfront after not
getting fully paid for an earlier performance involving the same promoter.
In both cases the attendance at the shows was very poor but they were also
very large venues and badly promoted. The other incident seems to have been
that Ray punched out some union official during a TV taping session who was
taunting the "long haired
Limeys". Perhaps most important was the atmosphere of resentment at the time
the US Musicians Union toward all these young British bands taking work away
from US musicians. If any band caused any trouble Which apparently the Kinks
did - then it was open season on them. Hope this helps..."  All for today..
Doug Hinman"

It should also be noted no reasons for the ban were ever given.  While here
I'll give a shameless plug for Doug's books (which I did some research for)
so Scott and AEB can buy them. :)