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UK version of Who -Ultimate Collection CD


I just got in 5 more copies of the UK version of the Who - Ultimate 
Collection 3 CD set.  This title in this format has been deleted for many months now.  
It is also the best selling Who CD we have ever had with over 100 copies sold 
to date.  Thank you to all those that have already purchased this from us.

The differences between the US 3 CD (also now deleted) and UK versions are as 

1)  UK CD comes in a nicer digi-pack sleeve.  The US CD was in a jewel case 
with inferior cover art.

2) UK version has 5 more songs than the 3 CD US version and the 2 CD US 

3) UK CD has two video tracks - Baba O'Riley and Substitute - live from 
Charlton, 1974 with Keith Moon on drums.  These are in the best quality I have ever 
seen for this concert.

Price is $35 plus shipping.  We take Paypal for credit card payments.

Please let me know if we can be of service.

Greg Biggs/CVC Collectables