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Re: Tommy movie

> Actually he was yelling, "Nora!", which is Ann Margret/Tommy's mom's name 
> in the movie (and stage play).

Quite right.  My mistake.

> It is Uncle Frank.  

Quite right.  My mistake.

>  Reed was poor casting, IMHO, because he doesn't sing very well.  

No way!  I love Oliver Reed in the film!  He steals each scene he's in!

> Jack Nicholson was also terrible casting.  One of the greats ever, but 
> they took Go To The Mirror, one of the most rockin songs in Tommy and 
> turned it into some broadway number from a man who is an atrocious singer.

Again, I disagree (not that Jack isn't an atrocious singer).  I think the
actors in the movie who are weak singers just add to the "bizarreness"
of the film.  It compliments the all the weird imagery.

I don't know if I'd like the film as much if *all* the actors were profes-
sional singers.  Some of the film's absurdity would suffer.  Besides, 
Oliver Reed & Jack Nicholson just make Ann-Margaret & Daltrey sound that
much better!

The poor singing doesn't bother me at all.  Like I said, it's part of the
strangeness of the film.

- SCHRADE in Akron