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Re: Tommy movie

> And Tommy's glance & smile as he sees his dad leaving his room.  Then, the
> bitchin' film editing begins.  Tommy leaving his bedroom, walking out into
> the hallway, the father screaming, "Laura!!!",

Actually he was yelling, "Nora!", which is Ann Margret/Tommy's mom's name in the movie (and stage play).
Tommy pushing open his par-
> ent's bedroom door, Uncle Bernie's arm grabbing the lamp, the shot of the
> lamp (still connected) being brought down onto the father's head & neck,

It is Uncle Frank.  Uncle Ernie is Frank's brother, I believe, but he could also be Nora's brother or even Capt Walker's brother.  It's either not clear or I have forgotten.  There is a Bernie, as in Bernie's Holiday Camp where Tommy and Nora go and actually meet Frank (played by the late Oliver Reed, who also played Bill Sykes in Oliver! and the old Gladiator in Galdiator).  Reed was poor casting, IMHO, because he doesn't sing very well.  Should have been a more accomplished singer.

Jack Nicholson was also terrible casting.  One of the greats ever, but they took Go To The Mirror, one of the most rockin songs in Tommy and turned it into some broadway number from a man who is an atrocious singer.  This part should have been a major rock icon, like Freddie Mercury or Robert Plant or Keith Richards.  Hell, Ron Wood played on the soundtrack- he would have been interesting in that role (not sure of his singing, though).