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Venus and Mars and meeting in bars. (?)

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: A "boy" thing.
>The point Sandy was making, is the nature of boys in general.  

The point I took was that mom, and particularly dad passively allowed it to happen, and then rewarded Jr. with dinner at Jr's request.
We're not talking about a toddler here.

And, I'm of the belief that girls, given the same opportunities as boys, can act in the exact same way.  Much more nurture than nature, IMHO.

What ever.
We're way off topic.

Hear that Paul!
Self discipline!  ;-)

>But, I have that anger thing going on too

Ah HA!

>, and to a certain extent, it is 

Yes, as long as you express that anger in constructive ways.....like by throwing lawn furniture when listening to The Who!

>From: Anna Mormack <carrieanne79@xxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Our cool kids....
>During my child psych class I took as a junior in
>college, I learnt (not that I hadn't known it before)
>that a lot of parents punish their daughters for
>fighting and praise their boys for acts of violent

That's called being a Republican.
Doh!  ;-o

>but I'm told by my parents that when I was
>very young, I slammed some boy over the head with a
>toy fire truck because I was pissed off he invaded my

You hate boys!  ;-)

>I was quite a handful and often struck out at
>other children when young, though it's been years
>since I've acted that way.

I'm sure you still participate in other sorts of social rebellion.
It can take on all sorts of commando forms.

It's healthy!
I do it too!

Kevin in VT

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