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Who - Stereo A Quick One CD's and 3 LP Who's Next for sale


We have a few copies in stock of the following Who items for sale:

1)  CD - A Quick One - this is the UK stereo remaster CD with bonus tracks.  
The US version is mono and a different mix.  $22

We have 4 copies available.

2) Vinyl LP - Who's Next - this is the UK only 3 LP set with the live and 
other bonus tracks, remastered just like the CD sets.   These are going to be 
limited.  $36

We have three copies available.

Shipping is extra and depends on the size of your order.  We can take credit 
card payments via Paypal or you can send in payment.  Please place your orders 
to our email address: BiggsCVC@xxxxxxx

Thanks for reading - please let us know if we can be of service.

Happy Holidays,

Greg Biggs/CVC Collectables