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Re: Our cool kids....

In a message dated 12/9/2003 8:02:15 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Kevin.ONeal@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

<The next day (might have been 2 days later), I'm hanging out at his day care 
<(private home with another boy his age-- 15months -- and the son of the day 
care <provider--3yrs.) just spending some time, and all of a sudden, just 
because the <other boy his age touched the toy he was playing with, Ethan turns 
and with both <hands shoves the boy to the ground.  That kid flew back a good 
2-3 feet!
<My eyes just about popped out of my head!
<Never seen an aggressive act out of him before!
<Is it The Who?
Having two boys, 8 and 9, and having run a licensed day care in my home for 
many years, I can tell you, it ain't the Who.  It is just the nature of boys, 
that is how they communicate.  Isn't it wonderful?  Let me tell 'bout the time 
we went to McDonalds, and they bloodied a kid's noses twice their age and we 
had to grab our fries and run 'cause the mother threatened to call the police.  
Or, no, the best one is when the neighbor kids uncle comes over screaming 
like a fucking freak and yelling that he is going to get his 13 yr old son to 
kick the butts of my sons, because my sons told his nephew they were going to get 
their daddy's gun and shoot him (my sons have neither a daddy nor a daddy's 
gun, I don't even let them play with fake ones, but the screaming father 
wouldn't even let me get in two words sideways).  

These are not isolated incidents.  This is my life............Does this 
explain why I am a bit crazy myself?, I am the one that is angry!!

 All I can say is thank God for little girls.  At least I can understand THAT 
kind of rebellion!!  My daughter is the only Who fan of my kids, so far.  Go 

But, on the bright side, we only got one referral from school this week.  Oh 
wait, it's only Tuesday.  Shit.  

But, one thing I can say is they love their momma and they hate to see me 

How I wish my boys would just play the drums and be sweet angels.

Jo <sounding the semi-downer personal story alert>