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>From: JOELTLE515@xxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: Rolling Stone mag
>> I have always been into pornography and I have used 
>> it all my life, but I am not a pedophile.
>i'm pretty sure this was taken out of context. "rolling stone" probably got 
>the source from a british tabloid.

Nope.  Was Pete's own statement.
I actually took his full statement and forwarded it to my parents.
Out of the whole "I'm not a pedophile" defense, my dad focused on Pete's admission of using pornography.
He's from a different generation.  But, it is also not the best thing to say (even though it's the truth) while trying to deny pedophilia.

I'd be willing to bet that not one of us here could honestly say they have never used pornography.

What sucks, is that Rolling Stone prints it with "career-killer" before the statement.
Is this so?
*Is* it a career killer?

I have to say, I was watching the adds for the concert for George (George Harrison), and specifically the part with both Clapton and Macca playing, and wished that Pete were on stage with them too.
He should have been.
Where did things go wrong?
Pete used to be one of those folk in the upper echelon.
He belongs on the same stage as Clapton and Macca.
But, he's not.
Not even close.
You got to wonder what effect all of this ped. stuff has within his own peer circles.

>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Sell Out!
>Mark who?

You know, that guy that used to be here all the time.
Fucked up on politics?

>Mark who?


>Usually, singing dissolves away
>*most* accent recognition, making them undetectable.

You're right.
And, I may just be hyper sensitive to it now, now that I'm listening for it.
But, it's still a cool concept.
It fits and makes sense.  I had long wondered before Pete even said anything why many songs were geared to US fans.
Money talks.

>(I said "most."  
>Don't freak out.

Who's Freaking.

>I realize every now & then a sung word or phrase might 
>be pronounced in a way which exposes an accent.)

What dobbs that?

>I'm always reminded of ABBA in these types of discussions.  Those girls
>didn't even *understand* (for the most part) the English words they were
>singing, & yet their Swedish accents are nearly unidentifiable.


>So, I'm sorry, I wouldn't know how to tell if something is being sung with
>an American accent, unless, like I said, it was exaggerated & deliberate,
>such as singing with a thick country/western accent.

Do a bit of comparison between WN and Sell Out.
There is clearly restraint of English accent on WN.

>I just don't think that *not* hearing a British accent means that the Pete
>or Roger are singing *with* an *American* accent.

Hey, I'm not making this up.
Pete said they conscientiously sang with an American accent.
Stones too.
Compare (or contrast) that with the next generation of The Jam.

>From: "Paul M. Moriarty" <pmm@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Chris Entwistle
>Can somebody please explain to me why he's got a 20-day supply of booze and 
>a 375-day supply of cigs?

I can't.

>The former I can buy.  The latter seems really,
>really fishy.

Fags go stale.

>From: SicilianMother@xxxxxxx
>Subject: diggin' out.no who
>The damn 
>sun has been shining so much that I have to re-prune my rose bushes because 
>they think it is Spring already.

Man, that sucks.
29" of snow !!! at my house (1,000') by Sunday night, with even more at the resorts (4,000ft).
And, of fucking course I was out boarding all day Sunday.
We call days like Sunday 'Snorkel Gear Day'.
And, I really could have used one.  
On top of that, the song burned into my head all day was.....
"It's smoooooth sailing with the highly successful sounds of wonderful..Radio..*London*!"

Had to plow my driveway 3 times.
Today, -10 deg. this morning.

>Life in So. California is a bitch...

Hey, go surfing.

>From: "Schrade, Scott" <sschrade@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Re: Our cool kids and drums
>It's wrong to make John Bonham out to be some bass drum virtuoso, with
>his little stutter beats, & then say Keith Moon just went "thump thump 
>thump" on *his* bass drums.

>I won't have it.

He won't have it!
I won't either!

>Hardly anyone wants to talk about that, though.  They like imagining Keith
>Moon as a wild chimp behind the set, flailing away at everything.  Rubbish.
>Stop it, I say.

I wonder if "Animal" from the Muppets has something to do with engraining that image.

Stay in Tune,
Kevin in VT

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