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Our cool kids....

	>From: Keithjmoon70
	>Subject: Our cool kids and drums 
>That is the "ride" cymbal.

Ahhhh, the ride cymbal.

>He used it very much on this album.

Yeah he did.

>But I also 
>hear some sort of bell too.

Dinner time?
High School flash back?

>>Then, to my surprise, he lunged at,
>>and obliterated a stack of empty christmas decoration boxes.
>>Auto-destructive art!
>>I swear to god!
>>My wife and I just looked at each other like.."did you see that?!"
>Kevin, good for you. These are precious things, aren't they?

It was very cool.  *He*, is very cool.

>You better have 
>a video camera or something.

Digital video camera with DVD burner on the puter.
We burn movies and send them to the grandfolks.

>Just wait until Ethan is *playing* the music 
>with his friends and turning them onto "real" music.  

Yeah, I'm working hard to get better on the guitar.
My best song is still I Can't Explain, thanks to some early E-tutoring from our very own Joe Cheese in Philly.
I've developed a number of various songs from those three simple chords!

Funny about my boy after dancing to the MG album...
The next day (might have been 2 days later), I'm hanging out at his day care (private home with another boy his age-- 15months -- and the son of the day care provider--3yrs.) just spending some time, and all of a sudden, just because the other boy his age touched the toy he was playing with, Ethan turns and with both hands shoves the boy to the ground.  That kid flew back a good 2-3 feet!
My eyes just about popped out of my head!
Never seen an aggressive act out of him before!
Is it The Who?
Who knows!
(yes, very aware that at this age they do this sort of thing....but!)
Lesson learned.....Don't mess with my boy!

I look forward to being able to jam with Ethan.
I hope (and will encourage) he wants to play the drums.

>That slug John Bonham

Nuff said!   ;-)

Kevin in VT 

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