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> Obtuse, Daft, BRILL?  Scott, do you really know the meanings of these words? 

Obtuse - Slow in comprehension.  Technically, my wording was incorrect.  I didn't
mean the *songs* were slow in comprehending; I meant the *people* were slow in
comprehending the songs!  Thanks for pointing out my mistake,........Jon.  ;-)

Daft - Stupid (British)

Brill - Short for "brilliant." (British)  (Maybe I should've used "brillo-pad" which is 
sometimes substituted - "The songs on SELL OUT are completely brillo-pad, man!"

> I absolutely loved your review of Sell Out.  

Good.  It'd be nice to hear *your* views, too.  If you have the time, that is.  ;-)

- SCHRADE in Akron